Enhance the beauty of your marine craft with our superior marine detailing services in Hernando County, FL. Our professional specialists provide rigorous cleaning, polishing, and protection for a beautiful and long-lasting surface.


Introducing our unrivaled Marine Detailing Service, where rigorous attention to detail meets the high seas. Our trained specialists restore your vessel to its former brilliance with careful cleaning, polishing, and preservation. With our premium detailing services, you will experience the peak of marine aesthetics and endurance.

Expert Marine Detailing Service at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection


Trust us for marine detailing because of our skilled technicians, meticulous care, and commitment to delivering a pristine, enduring finish for your vessel’s ultimate aesthetic and protection.

Preservation of Aesthetics

Marine detailing maintains your vessel’s pristine appearance, preventing oxidation, fading, and stains. Skilled technicians use specialized techniques to highlight the original shine, ensuring lasting visual appeal.

Protective Coating

Detailing involves the application of protective coatings, safeguarding your boat against saltwater, UV rays, and environmental contaminants. This shields the vessel, preserving its structural integrity and value.

Enhanced Longevity

Regular marine detailing contributes to the longevity of your vessel. By addressing issues like corrosion and wear, detailing helps prevent structural damage, ensuring your boat remains in optimal condition for years.


Step 1:
Exterior Washing and Drying

We thoroughly wash your vehicle with specialized shampoos to remove dirt and grime. Our careful drying process prevents water spots, preparing your car for the next steps in detailing.

Step 2:
Paint Claying, Polishing, and Waxing

We use a clay bar to remove surface impurities, followed by polishing to eliminate minor scratches and swirls, restoring the shine. Then, we apply wax to provide a protective layer, enhancing the gloss and shielding against environmental elements.

Step 3:
Interior Cleaning and Reconditioning

Our team vacuums and shampoos the interior, including seats, carpets, and mats. We clean and polish hard surfaces, and condition leather to maintain its quality and appearance.

Step 4:
Engine Bay Cleaning

We degrease and clean the engine bay to remove oil and grime, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Then, a protective layer is applied (if needed) to keep it clean for an extended period.


Marine Detailing Package 1 at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection


Basic Decontamination Wash
Pricing: $20.00 per linear foot

Services Included:
– Foam bath with detailed contact wash.
– Fallout removal / iron removal / hard waterline removal.
– Detail topside.
– Professional grade carnauba wax application.
Ideal for: Well-maintained vessels without significant defects.


Polishing Compound Treatment
Pricing: $40.00 per linear foot

Services Included:
– Application of polishing compound to effectively eliminate light to moderate imperfections and oxidation.
Ideal for: Bi-annual maintenance of vessels showing some signs of wear but not extensively neglected.

Marine Detailing Package 2 at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection
Marine Detailing Package 3 at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection


Heavy Buffing Compound Treatment
Pricing: $75.00 per linear foot

Services Included:
– The most aggressive approach to detailing your boat with an added heavy buffing compound to reverse heavy neglect.
– Salt stain removal.
Ideal for: Heavily neglected marine vessels exhibiting no signs of gloss or luster, requiring intensive restoration.

Marine Ceramic Coating

Owners Pride 5-Year Marine Ceramic Coating
Pricing: $125.00 per linear foot
Description: A premium ceramic coating solution designed to provide long-lasting protection for your marine vessel, ensuring durability and enhanced aesthetics for up to 5 years.

Glidecoat Pro Marine 3-Year Ceramic Coating
Pricing: $100.00 per linear foot
Description: Professional-grade ceramic coating offering advanced protection for your boat, delivering a glossy finish and safeguarding against environmental elements for up to 3 years.

Glidecoat Marine 2-Year Ceramic Coating
Pricing: $80.00 per linear foot
Description: Quality ceramic coating designed to shield your marine vessel from the harsh marine environment, providing reliable protection and a sleek appearance for up to 2 years.

Marine Detailing Package 4 at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection


Boat detailing frequency depends on usage, but bi-annual detailing is recommended to preserve aesthetics and protect against environmental elements.
No, marine detailing also includes safety precautions. Coatings and treatments protect your boat from seawater, UV radiation, and pollutants while maintaining its beauty and structural integrity.
Yes, skilled technicians employ specialized techniques to remove deep stains during marine detailing, ensuring your boat’s surfaces are restored to their original condition.

Elevate your boating experience with our premier Marine Detailing in Hernando County, FL. Our skilled technicians ensure your vessel shines on the water. Schedule a consultation at 13434 Chambord St, Brooksville, FL 34613, or call 352-293-3132 for meticulous care that preserves and protects your marine investment.