Our professional detailing service in Hernando County, FL, can revitalize your RV. Our expert specialists meticulously clean, polish, and protect your RV to ensure it shines on the road.


RV detailing is a comprehensive service designed to enhance the appearance and longevity of recreational vehicles. Skilled technicians thoroughly clean, polish, and protect, addressing interior and exterior components to ensure your RV maintains its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity on the road.

Expert RV Detailing Service at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection


Our professional technicians will provide you with excellent RV detailing service. Cleaning, polishing, and protection are meticulously performed to ensure your RV shines on every excursion.

Aesthetic Enhancement

RV detailing rejuvenates your vehicle’s appearance, addressing oxidation, fading, and stains. Skilled technicians use specialized techniques to restore its original shine, making it visually appealing on the road.

Protective Shield

Detailing is applying protective coatings to your RV to protect it from external factors, UV radiation, and pollutants. This not only preserves the exterior but also ensures the structural components of the vehicle’s longevity.

Enhanced Resale Value

Regular RV detailing helps to increase the resale value of your vehicle. The rigorous care and maintenance prevent wear and tear, making your RV more appealing to prospective buyers.


RV Detailing Package 1 at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection

Detail Level One

Pricing: $22.00 per linear foot

Services Included:
– Foam contact bath
– Decontamination and clay
– Wheel/brightwork cleaning and fine polish
– Glass cleaning and treatment
– Professional grade carnauba wax application
Ideal for: the well maintained vessel showing little to no signs of imperfections.

Detail Level Two

Pricing: $43.00 per linear foot

Service includes:
– Add polishing compound to remove light to moderate oxidation and imperfections like scratching and swirling and hard water spots.
Ideal for: The less maintained unit that shows mild to moderate signs of neglect and you want to get ahead of it before it gets worse.

RV Detailing Package 3 at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection

Detail Level Three

Pricing: $70.00 per linear foot

Our most aggressive approach to reversing years of neglect, this package is designed for the heavily neglected unit that is showing signs of wear and tear with oxidation and paint/fiberglass staining.

Ideal for: the very neglected RV or trailer that needs multiple steps of correction for a new appearance.

RV Ceramic Coating

Owner’s Pride 5-Year Ceramic Coating
Price: $125.00 per linear foot
Description: Our premium ceramic coating solution provides 5 years of durable protection for your RV’s exterior. Enjoy enhanced aesthetics and long-lasting defense against environmental elements.

Glidecoat RV Pro 3-Year Ceramic Coating
Price: $100.00 per linear foot
Description: Experience professional-grade protection with our 3-year ceramic coating, ensuring a glossy finish and robust defense against wear and tear for your RV’s surface.

Glidecoat RV 2-Year Ceramic Coating
Price: $85.00 per linear foot
Description: Choose our quality ceramic coating for reliable protection lasting up to 2 years, preserving your RV’s appearance and shielding it from the rigors of outdoor travel.


The frequency of RV detailing is determined by usage. Still, yearly detailing is recommended to maintain aesthetics and defend against environmental elements, assuring long-term attractiveness.
Yes, RV detailing involves interior cleaning, conditioning, and protection. Skilled technicians address upholstery, carpets, and surfaces, ensuring a fresh and comfortable living space on the road.
Roof washing and protection are included in thorough RV detailing. Technicians utilize specialized solutions to remove dirt, mold, and stains from the roof, protecting its integrity and preventing leaks.

Enhance the appeal of your RV with our first-rate detailing service in Hernando County, FL. Our trained specialists meticulously clean, polish, and protect your sparkling RV. Call 13434 Chambord St, Brooksville, FL 34613, or contact 352-293-3132 for a personalized consultation.