Are your alloy wheels scratched, dented, scuffed, or cracked? Perhaps your rims are twisted or have missing metal. Allow our professional team to restore them to their original state.


Learn about the superiority of our wheel repair services, where precision meets performance. From curb damage to scrapes, our expert technicians will restore your wheels to their former splendor. Enjoy unrivaled quality and attention to detail. Our top concern is your complete pleasure.

Expert Wheel Repair Service at Reflections Auto Spa and Protection


Wheel repairs enhance safety, aesthetics, and vehicle value. Addressing damages promptly prevents further issues and ensures optimal performance while maintaining your car’s resale appeal.

Enhanced Safety

Wheel repairs address damages that could compromise your vehicle’s safety. Cracks, bends, or misalignments can be corrected, ensuring a smooth and secure driving experience.

Aesthetic Restoration

Wheel repair improves their appearance. Skilled experts may remove defects such as curb damage and scratches, boosting the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Preservation of Vehicle Value

Wheel repairs contribute to preserving your vehicle’s value. Maintaining wheels in optimal condition prevents depreciation, making your car more appealing and valuable in the resale market.


Step 1:
Exterior Washing and Drying

We thoroughly wash your vehicle with specialized shampoos to remove dirt and grime. Our careful drying process prevents water spots, preparing your car for the next steps in detailing.

Step 2:
Paint Claying, Polishing, and Waxing

We use a clay bar to remove surface impurities, followed by polishing to eliminate minor scratches and swirls, restoring the shine. Then, we apply wax to provide a protective layer, enhancing the gloss and shielding against environmental elements.

Step 3:
Interior Cleaning and Reconditioning

Our team vacuums and shampoos the interior, including seats, carpets, and mats. We clean and polish hard surfaces, and condition leather to maintain its quality and appearance.

Step 4:
Engine Bay Cleaning

We degrease and clean the engine bay to remove oil and grime, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Then, a protective layer is applied (if needed) to keep it clean for an extended period.


wheel repair package 1 at reflections auto spa and protection in hernando county fl


Curb rash repair
Starting at 74.99 per spot repair

Focus on addressing damage to wheels caused by scraping against curbs
– Initial Assessment
– Surface Preparation
– Damage Repair
– Paint Matching and Application
– Final Inspection


Chemical etching/staining repair
Starting at 149.99 per wheel

Tailored to address damage caused by harsh chemicals, road salts, and other corrosive substances, includes:
– Comprehensive Wheel Assessment
– Thorough Cleaning
– Surface Preparation
– Damage Repair
– Paint Matching and Application
– Protective Clear Coating
– Final Inspection and Quality Check

wheel repair package 2 at reflections auto spa and protection in hernando county fl


The time it takes to repair a wheel depends on the severity of the damage. Minor repairs may take a few hours; however, more severe faults may necessitate more time for precision restoration.
While many wheel damages are repairable, severe structural issues may require replacement. Technicians assess each case to determine the most suitable and safe action.
Yes, wheel repair is often more cost-effective than replacement. Repairing minor damages, such as curb rash or scratches, is a budget-friendly alternative that preserves the original wheel.

Elevate your wheels with our high-end repair service in Hernando County, FL. From curb damage to precision refinishing, our skilled technicians deliver excellence. Contact us at 352-293-3132 or visit 13434 Chambord St, Brooksville, FL 34613, for a personalized consultation and redefine the look of your vehicle today!